About Us

Passed down through four generations, the North Ranch has the rich history of a hard working family. Established in 1914 by the Great Grandfather of current owner, Daniel North, the Ranch is 100% family owned and operated. North Buffalo Ranch was originally known as the Smith Orchards. The Ranch has been home to a wide variety of animals, such as cattle, horses, goats, sheep, hogs, chickens, miniature donkeys, and bison! The North Buffalo Ranch currently has a growing herd of  20 bison and 9 miniature donkeys that are training to be pack animals.


Ranch Owner

Daniel’s favorite thing about being a ranch owner is working the land with his family to improve their historic ranch and business.

Private Tours

We provide private tours by appointment. We offer a rare and thrilling chance to get up close to our beautiful herd. These majestic animals have plenty of space to roam around the Ranch. During the tour, we take you to witness the buffalo’s favorite spots on the property and allow you to see the personality of each animal. Wildlife interaction is a wonderful learning experience for children. Buffalo are unlike any other form of livestock. They are intelligent and curious creatures. Each one has a different and unique personality with a personal hairstyle to match!

Please give us a call to to schedule your private tour.


Feed & Nutrition

For the majority of the year, our buffalo have free-range on roughly 150 acres of our 280 acre property. The buffalo eat the nutrient rich grass that grows naturally  on the ranch. Their diet is also supplemented with grass hay and alfalfa during the winter months. Our animals are on a strict diet and are NEVER grain fed. An all grass diet creates leaner and better tasting meat product for our customers. The quality of our final product is always our highest priority.